Gareth Kirkby

I am a career professional communicator with a background in journalism, media management, and public relations. I work as Communications and Community Director at the Canadian Institute for Information and Privacy Studies (CIIPS), a start-up charitable organization and think tank. I recently completed an MA in Professional Communication from Royal Roads University.

My thesis triggered a national conversation about government’s use of its taxing authority to affect society’s policy conversations and its impact on charities. You can download my thesis from the thesis section of this website.

I am an associate faculty member in the School of Communication and Culture at Royal Roads University.

I am available to consult on public relations and communications projects, and have a particular interest in civil society organizations, including nonprofits and charities.

My Career

Seeking opportunities. As a strategic and innovative communications leader with years of results-driven experience in both the private and non-profit sectors, I bring a dynamic wealth of professional work experience and education to the table. I have demonstrated hands-on award-winning engagement in journalism and media management, in addition to experience in public relations, crisis communications, public engagement, social media and marketing. I am a team-builder and leader.

For more information, see my LinkedIn profile:

My Interests

I have a strong interest in, and have often written about, civil society and social movements, environmental issues, human rights, and the role of contention and free speech in maintaining and improving democracy.

My Past-Times

I moved to Vancouver to hike and kayak, camp and write. I love to swim in fresh-water lakes in summer, and snorkel on coral reefs when I can get away. I enjoy social media and have completed the post-baccalaureate Achievement in Social Media program at UBC.